Healing Forward Workbook

posted on October 18

In the wake of the recent season of disaffiliation, the Kentucky Annual Conference’s New Church Development team began working with district superintendents and many others to start planting churches with continuing members – those members of departing churches who have chosen to remain United Methodist.

As I worked with these continuing members, I discovered a deep pain that was a direct result of church disaffiliation. People were hurt and felt betrayed. They were uncertain how to move forward and were looking for a tool to assist in healing. This 28-day Bible study is a response to that request. Our hope and prayer is that God will use this study as a means of grace and a healing path forward.

The intention is for this Bible study is to be one of many steps in a healing journey. Everyone’s path to wholeness will look different. We encourage individuals to seek out the proper support and help they need to continue their healing after completing this study.

Use the study in the following ways:

  1. If too few people are available to gather as a group, the study can be used exclusively by individuals.
  2. Ideally, the study can be used in a small-group setting. The first day of each week is designed to be time spent together, while the rest of the week can be completed at home. The group can also discuss the previous week’s material.

Each lesson includes a mood-setting quote, Bible passage (generally from the New American Standard Bible translation), pastoral guidance, and discussion questions (which, again, can be done together or individually). It is my hope that this four-week study will help to begin the
healing process for our grieving brothers and sisters.

Rev. Dr. Kimberly Pope-Seiberling
New Church Development Director, Kentucky Annual Conference

If you would like to purchase a printed copy of this workbook (for $29.44 plus shipping), please click here.

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