NCD Funding Process

  1.   Form a team

  2.   Develop a preliminary MAP and budget

     C.   Begin discerning a stewardship / fundraising plan, including:

                  1.  Personal Tithe

                  2.  Personal sacrifice. (Not just "what am I giving", but "what am I willing to give up in order to make this happen?")

                        3.  Lead team sacrificial giving

                        4.  Letter campaign asking for prayers and gifts for the vision (not from supporting church's members)

                        5.  1-3 Key Gifts coming from BOLD asks of persons who potentially may have the gift of giving

                        6.   Grants

                        7.   Fundraising event

                        8.   Supporting churches

                        9.   District funding

                       10. Conference (NCD) funding

     F.    Discussions with Conference NCD Director

  1.    District NCD Team Embrace

H.   Formal presentation to Conference NCD Team




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The Kentucky Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church
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