7 Pathways to New Church Starts

  1. Standalone (sometimes called a "parachute drop") -- ​A planter begins a church on his/her own, with a small lead team to help attract congregants.
  2. Multisite (sometimes called a “satellite”) -- A host church starts a site at a second location, often in renovated space at a shopping center. Ideally, the second site is designed to attract a different demographic of unchurched or de-churched people while receiving financial and logistical support from the parent church.
  3. Fresh Expression -- A new faith community that rides a recent cultural wave to reach the unchurched by taking church to the people rather than asking people to come to church. It is a relatively low-budget way to begin a new faith community and has the added advantage of reaching people of similar interests and backgrounds in their environment, such as a riding or running club or even a bar or tavern.
  4. Focused Worship -- A type of new worship community at an existing church that looks to attract new people who don't yet have a connection to Christ. 
  5. Mission Expression -- As a connectional church, we are uniquely positioned to plant churches in areas that most need the gospel but have populations that cannot sustain a traditional church. Unlike most other pathways, Mission Expression communities usually are not expected to become self-sustaining without outside funding sources once NCD and other Conference funding is phased out. 
  6. Multinational and Ethnic -- We have started multi-ethnic churches in Kentucky, Hispanic churches, and are actively involved in the Strong Black Church initiative. 
  7. International -- We're in partnership with Cuba and Thailand -- in fact, we've planted three new churches in counties in Thailand that have never had a church! We also are looking to start more outside the USA. 

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